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We had to pick a word out of a hat for typography class and make put icons in the word to represent the word. I wanted to be ironic with the word “peace” and put images of war in it, so I drew a war plane with atomic bombs. These are the 4 final pieces out of 30 that I liked the best. The democratic one that looks like a flag ended up being my final.

I used a quote by Morrissey Mars, “If it’s not love, it will be the bomb that brings us together.”

I also used the typface Vernanda because it is a humanist san serif, meaning it mimics the human handwriting slightly. And I also like that it was named after the designers daughter, which makes it sentimental and a lot of people have memories and sentimental values for war times.



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“Without and With”

This is my significant other and I drew a “without me” and a “with me” illustration during my break at work in my doodle sketchbook.  It turned out to be really cute and probably one of my favorite illustrations in a while.

Done in pen and ink.

Chromodoris Magnifica, Sea Slug

This is all made completely on Adobe Illustrator.  It’s an image of  a orange striped sea slug that lives in the Philippines.  It was tedious but it was worth it.  This is a zoo plate.

“Bloody Beard”

This is another original comic I did part of my awkward life comic.  This one is fun because I was having a depressive episode and my significant other said this to me in the most serious tone ever and then lost it about 5 seconds after they said it.

Hand done in pen and ink.

Work Doodle

This is something I drew bored during my break.  This is done in ball point pen in my traveling doodle sketchbook.  It’s a cute little drawing of my significant other.

“Your Mom”

So this is a start of a comic collection.  My new project.  My friend loves this quote book I keep of all the stupid things that I hear people say, and she said I should write comic strips about them.  I thought that was a great idea because these are all real people so I wouldn’t have to think of new characters, they’re short and sweet, there doesn’t need to be a consistent story line, and it’s something funny (which isn’t like any of the other stuff that I usually draw.)  It fits pretty well for my kind of schedule I have now because I do want to finish a graphic novel but I don’t have the time.

So this one is about my roommate who is from China, and I accidentally said a “Yo mama” joke around her and she spent the longest time trying to figure out what it means, so I have this whole thing of stuff she said while trying to figure out how to format the joke.

“Your mom is alcoholled.”

“Your mom is a basic Google search.” That’s my favorite!  I say it all the time now.

“I don’t need to find the center of gravity, I just need to find your mom!” Which is the only one that actually sort of makes sense out of all of them.

Self Portrait with Hands

The first image is the initial under-painting of the portrait; a general outline.  after that was putting in more tones, which is the second photo.  The third one has a start of adding color in it, along with the last photo on the right (fourth one) that has more contrast, tone, and value.  This was a process of adding and subtracting oil paint pigment with linseed oil and trying to make the hands and the face the focal point.  This is  20″x16″ painting on canvas.  The featured image on the top is the final product.


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