I wanted to “bend the rules” a bit on our first project.  I already know how to navigate Photoshop pretty well and have been wanting to learn how to use Illustrator; so this is my opportunity to learn.  The whole thing will be completely made out of words when completed (is what I imagine.)

The violet marker is going to be red (I only had a violet marker at the time) and some of it will be on the knife (word “Balance.”)  “Balance” will be vertical to control the large, horizontal that is “Emphasis.”  The rest of the design will be black and white.  The face and hand will be filled with the word “Repetition” (as in it will be repeated to make the illusion of a flat surface.)  The background will be black text saying “Contrast,” the black will make the white face pop.  The mouth will be covered by the word “Alignment” because that line will be aligned evenly with the “Emphasis” covering the eyes.  The “Flow” will be the curls in his hair going all the way down to his tears.  These will be the only “word” that touches all of the edges, creating a more circular flow once the eye travels to the top, it will then go all the way around.

I wanted to incorporate my own work, but I wasn’t sure how because the teacher said we couldn’t use images.  So instead, I decided to machete words into my image.  This is one of my characters named Hamilton.  So I am still pushing my boundaries in learning about graphic art while incorporating myself and my characters in the project.

Thumbnails of text and experiments with paths will be up shortly.