Essay Portion:

The main focal point had o be “Emphasis,” so I made it bright red and two different sizes.  The second piece of information was supposed to be “Balance,” which I put as a strong vertical in white to balance out the the heavy horizontal, “Emphasis.”  I also put a shadow behind it to make it pop more than the “Contrast,” which had to be third in the visual hierarchy.  I decided to do “Contrast” the way I did because I want part of the word to contrast with the other.  So I made the “Con-” line up with the character’s coat, and “-Trast” went over the “Con-” to show overlap and a pop, the intention of the word “Contrast.”  Then is “Flow,” where it wraps around the whole page.  So the eye goes from “Contrast,” to “Alignment” which is in line with “-Trast,” to “Flow” where it brings the eye up and around from the right side to the left where it goes over the character, but doesn’t interfere with “Contrast.”  Then “Repetition” is subtle to not interfere too much with the main focal points, but it’s in the background repeated many times.

The “Golden Rule” is applied throughout the design.  “Balance” is 2/3 to the right of the page, “Emphasis” is 2/3 up the page, and “Contrast” is just under 1/3 down the page.  The character is not center, but does take up 2/3 of the page from left to right.   If “Balance” or the character were to be centered, the “Rule of Thirds” could not be applied as well.