1) A skill that a graphic designer needs is to be observant. Noticing the little things in one’s surroundings is super important not only for inspiration, but for working. They also need to be able to be alone for hours on end in order to solve design problems, but also be able to analyze people. One has to be able to understand their client and what they want.

2) This designer proves a sense of interest though color choices and contrast.  Putting emphasis on the child, she uses a white cut-out of it and uses contrast to make it the focal point. The “Rule of Thirds” is implied, dividing the page by subject: boy, cat eyes, cat ears.

3) Pretty much you want to brainstorm, communicate with you client, and solve the design problem at hand.  But most of all, the client must be happy.

4)Who is the audience?
What is the message?
How many pages is the piece?
What are the dimensions?
Is there a specific budget?
Is there a deadline for completion?
Can the client provide examples of design they like?
Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to be matched?