These are some inspirations and stamps that I found interesting.  The first few are art deco rendered/Great Gatsby themed.  Then I started to look up ones with a comic style to them, which lead to some modernism and post modernism.

#3:  The third stamp from the left in the top row, the one with the sea horse.  It is very art deco and would go with a Gatsby commemorative stamp very well.  I like the way it’s stylized.  A combination of art style of the one before that and the sea horse would be neat.

#5: second one from the right, top row.  Rocky Horror Show.  I think it’s a combination art nouveau and modernism.  It looks like it’d be hand-rendered, but it looks more modern than art nouveau.  I’m attracted to it because of the style of the illustration and the contrasting colors.  This would be good for a commemorative comic book stamp.  But I wouldn’t be sure of which comic to do.

#11: second one down from the right.  I’m not really sure what it is, but I love the stylization and color choices.  It seems like the Swiss movement because of the stylization.  I just really like it, but it would be a good commemorative stamp towards something like manga or anime.