This was my final in my graphic design class (Which for some reason I’ve been calling computer graphics but potato patato, right?)

I decided to make my final project for my art work, which I branded as Lucy Loo Studios (as all of you may know already.)  So I tried to make every banner look different, like an individual character, but connected them all with similar icons and a polychromatic color scheme (which is all the rainbows.)  I decided to use this color scheme because I’m most well-known for the paintings of animals I do in that very color scheme, plus it’s extremely colorful and eye catching.  You’re bound to want to look at something that colorful.

I tried to cover all of the sites that I am on and give contact information, websites, where to find specific products (such as prints on Etsy and comics on DeviantArt,) etc.  I also decided to do all 18 sizes because I figured I’m going to use them in the future so mind as well do them all now.

The photo above is the final piece mounted.

But yeah, you should totally listen to all the colors on the banners and go buy prints and read my comics that I have to update because they’re old.  And I’m not sure how much my Graphic Design professor will appreciate this outrageous essay because the essay totally captures my insanity as well but we’ll give it a shot anyways~!

So enjoy, meinen lieblingeren!

final 1 final 2 final 3