So I made the decision to wait one more semester before transferring up to Maine College of Art in Portland, ME.  The college I’m going to know fucked up my summer courses and those were the last general education courses I needed to just take art and writing classes up at MECA.

If ANYONE knows of any other scholarships that are art/writing related: please tell me.  I’ve literally applied to about fifty scholarships and all I’ve gotten so far was a pack of fucking Crayola colored pencils.  The note said “…for your next art craft.”  SERIOUSLY!  I’m an art major why the hell would I use Crayola?

I guess the thought was there…but what I’m saying, I need some more money so I don’t starve up in Maine.  It was so AMAZING there when I went to visit and I want to live there like right now at this very moment but…still in Binghamton.

If you don’t know anyshcolarships, then buy my stuff off of Etsy!  It’s all going to one artist that may starve for her dream, so help me not die from my stubbornness!

I’m also über stressed and can’t handle life, anyone got any tips or advice regarding mental crises?