So on Sunday, I am going to go hang up three originals at a local artistry shop called R and B Artistry.  It’s in Newark Valley, NY.  The owner is super awesome and everyone should go like his Facebook page.  He’s also a working artist, trying to learn every art medium there is (he told me right now he’s trying to learn tattooing then glass blowing.)  So Sunday!  Made a book full of prints and I’m going to hang my originals with the shop owners!

They tomorrow I’m going to my first ever convention (surprisingly not to sell stuff, but just to gander and learn.)  Rober-con!  It’s at a museum and it’s has a bunch of steampunk and zombie illustrators and I’m super pumped!  I’m going to learn the trade first and take advantage of the opportunity to dress up in steampunk, then maybe I can get a table and sell stuff at a different convention (probably when I go live in Maine.)  But I’m still probably going to try to hand out some business cards because it’s just in my nature at this point.  Whoopsies me~!