Inktober is the month of the inking and using markers on absolutely everything you possibly can!  Well, for an artist it is.  I always like to make a nice ink drawing while in a class or on my free time, but sometimes I just have to be hard core about it.  I couldn’t believe that October had already started and I only have four pages in my new sketchbook complete when I started it in September.  It’s quite saddening to me that adult life gnaws away at my art life, but I actually got to sit own for an hour and conquer…


Real story is that we had to bring in a fruit or vegetable for my painting class to paint in oils and someone convinced me that a pineapple would be really cool.  And it would be if it was in anything else other than oils.  One other girl and I decided we would try it together.

We both decided, both our paintings looked like shit.

So I had to come right home and draw it in a medium that I could actually use to calm myself down.  I was in denial that I couldn’t draw a stupid pineapple!  It’s all okay now because I can and I haven’t made a video in a long while so I recorded it.  I also managed to fit in a Hawaiian dancer girl in the shadow too.  Woo!  So this is a wholllllllle hour compressed into three minutes.  So click the word “Pineapple” below to watch.

(Also I couldn’t figure out how to not make it upside down, so just think it’s a pineapple up-side down cake. Ha!  Get it?)