I’m going to try to post more about my work now. All settled in and such. I recently for commissioned to do some sea turtles with northern lights so here’s a progress shot. The turtle in the bottom left took nearly an hour to do. It’s been intense lately.

On personal notes, my roommates are awesome, this college is awesome, so far everything is awesome. I got a new hair cut, my roomy got a cat (therapeutic) so that also makes me very happy, I am also not working two jobs so that’s awesome. I can come and go whenever I please which is sweet. And now I can paint whatever I want on huge canvases. Here’s the most recent painting I did last week of a lady in leather. It’s currently hanging in my dorm.


Here’s my new hair cut.


Here’s the unfinished photo of it. It’s the first acrylic I’ve done in a long time. But I’m making a time lapse video of me painting it and this will be in the “art for sale” section too as well.

So I’m having fun, have tons of more art! Keep you all updated.