This was a painting I finished about a month ago.  It was a commission for a client who had lost his beloved dog, Nala.  This painting was done with love and I took time in making sure everything was right.  When I gave the painting to my client I could tell that there was a real connection between him and the painting.  It was fantastic to know that this painting went to a nice home that will be loved.  He told me that he was going to hang it above the place where she always slept.

This is the reference photo (such a beautiful fur!)  He requested that the nose be shown in the painting, so I went to a friends house to look at her husky dogs to come up with a correct nose.


These are the thumbnails I let him pick from.  The one on the left is the traditional and the one on the right is more abstract.  He picked the traditional.


This is the preprinting done in raw umber.DSCF5547

Then here’s the painting in progress, finishing the figure in the painting and leaving the sheets.  The mistake I made was that I didn’t do the sheets first in the background, but it all turned out well.1228203051_091226144736_05

This dog was loved well by the owner and the painting will be loved for just as long.  I want to thank the client for this opportunity, it let me build on top of my oil painting skills because this was the first few paintings I have done in the medium.  I hope you are enjoying this.