Internet is good in many ways, but also bad. It has reduced the amount of physical human interaction even though it connects the whole world. Social media isn’t very social when a group of friends is sitting in the same room on their phone checking out their Facebook. Relationships become more difficult because of lack of communication (which I had just experienced on a more personal note with a friend. Her boyfriend left for boot camp to join the navy and he came back for a weekend to see her and he sat on his phone the whole time, which lead them to break up.) It was really sad that something as simple as that would break up two people who thought they loved each other so much. It has also made people loose certain common skills, such as spelling, grammar, and speech in general. It is baffling to the point where I don’t even know what people are saying all the time. LOL, are you really laughing out loud? I don’t think you are. And if it is so funny, why not call the person you’re talking to and share your laughter with them if you’re really laughing out loud? And why does everyone use those abbreviations, why not just say it or write it out all the way? It can’t be that difficult to write it all out. It’s fun to say to the generation before mine that there used to be a thing called the mail and you write on this thing called paper and send it to someones house. Isn’t that amazing!

People now have issues with grammar as well, between texting, memes, and other social media; they just ommit all punctuation and spelling rules. All out of the window at the same time. There are so many people that I talk to that ask me to proof read their essays and the face that college students can’t tell the difference between all the “there”s or know what the difference is between “its” and “it’s” is very sad to me. But the digression of knowledge isn’t entirely because of the internet but more through the culture that the internet has created. Yes, the internet does have some really good things and cats and funny, miss-spelled things but the internet is one of the most powerful things that humans have access to and the most searched thing are cats. The internet has many great things, but has destroyed human interaction and intelligence levels. It’s amazing how something that holds so much information can be used for the complete opposite reason.