Today in Techniques in Illustration, we were doing practice cross-hatched drawings of items from observation.  I was drawing this skull and I momentarily zoned out and started thinking about everything at once.  I was worried about how I had no money, about how my dream school was a reality check and it was more like a good school with low-life administration, how I am sad that I’m 8 hours away from my boyfriend and 6 away from my family and old friends I miss dearly.  And then I heard this voice whispering to me, “Everything will be okay.  It’s all okay.”  I don’t know what voice that was, but I heard it and it convinced me that yes, everything will be okay.  I almost cried and almost smiled, but neither happened.  It was this weird crisis/non-crisi I had and I’m confused yet comforted by it.  I  feel like I have some form of emotional attachment to this piece now because of that.  But it’s really ironic because skulls usually make people think of death but this skull made me think that hey, maybe it’s right.  Maybe everything is okay.