Done in liquid acrylics, watercolor, and inks. For water texture I used watercolor with cling wrap and for the rocks I used table salt with inks.

The process was tidious, just like any other large project. The first steps were brainstorming and making sure the client is happy with the ideas. Thumbnail sketches are vital to any large or small piece of art.

Then When the thumbnail has a unanimous decision, the outline for the final project is drawn. It’s preferred to draw it out on something else then transferred over onto the final paper/canvas. Since this one was so large and I didn’t have transfer paper large enough, I drew it on the final paper.


Then once the client approved of the final outline, it was time to outline it. I wanted to use liquid acrylics for the black outline so 1) so when water hits it, it won’t fuse out or get fuzzy like when water color does, 2) so I could make it look like scene out of a comic book.

Then it was time to make the background. Always start broad and large and work towards the small details. The water was created with watercolors and inks with cling wrap. You put a wash down of the colors then crinkle the wrap on top of it. Let the paint dry then take off the wrap and you have a nice, crackly ice look.

The rocks were also done with watercolor and salt, but I used table salt to make the texture of the rocks because I wanted them to look like there were barnacles and coral.

Then after the large areas were the characters and most of that was done first with controlled fusing (putting down clear water then touching the tip of the brush with pigment to the water.) Then for fine details done with dry brush technique.

So after a few months of research, sketching, and painting; the final project was complete!

It was an honor to do this commission and it was so much fun! I hope we do business again in the future!