So this is a start of a comic collection.  My new project.  My friend loves this quote book I keep of all the stupid things that I hear people say, and she said I should write comic strips about them.  I thought that was a great idea because these are all real people so I wouldn’t have to think of new characters, they’re short and sweet, there doesn’t need to be a consistent story line, and it’s something funny (which isn’t like any of the other stuff that I usually draw.)  It fits pretty well for my kind of schedule I have now because I do want to finish a graphic novel but I don’t have the time.

So this one is about my roommate who is from China, and I accidentally said a “Yo mama” joke around her and she spent the longest time trying to figure out what it means, so I have this whole thing of stuff she said while trying to figure out how to format the joke.

“Your mom is alcoholled.”

“Your mom is a basic Google search.” That’s my favorite!  I say it all the time now.

“I don’t need to find the center of gravity, I just need to find your mom!” Which is the only one that actually sort of makes sense out of all of them.