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Commissions Price List:
Oils/Acrylics: 8″x10″=$275 11″x14″=$375 16″x20″=$525
Watercolor/Inks: 4″x6″=$75 8″x10″=$125 11″x14″=$150 18″x24″=$275
Digital art: 4″x6″=$30 8″x10″=$50 11″x17″=$75
Lineart: 4″x6″=$45 8″x10″=$55 11″x14″=$75 18″x24″=$150
If you want it framed by me, it is an additional $25. Shipping costs will be discussed individually because shipping is based on the size of the painting. Please email me with any further questions!

Christmas Dog Commission

This was from a while ago, but I did a digital painting for a client right before Christmas. It was her son’s pupper named B. This is the first digital painting I did as a commission; printed and framed too. 


“Bang Bang” Hand Gun Deadpool Fanart

Done with marker. I drew Deadpool with a few kittens and him pretending his hand as a gun.

And I was bored during work. Woo work!

Steampunk Mollosks Commission

Done in liquid acrylics, watercolor, and inks. For water texture I used watercolor with cling wrap and for the rocks I used table salt with inks.

The process was tidious, just like any other large project. The first steps were brainstorming and making sure the client is happy with the ideas. Thumbnail sketches are vital to any large or small piece of art.

Then When the thumbnail has a unanimous decision, the outline for the final project is drawn. It’s preferred to draw it out on something else then transferred over onto the final paper/canvas. Since this one was so large and I didn’t have transfer paper large enough, I drew it on the final paper.


Then once the client approved of the final outline, it was time to outline it. I wanted to use liquid acrylics for the black outline so 1) so when water hits it, it won’t fuse out or get fuzzy like when water color does, 2) so I could make it look like scene out of a comic book.

Then it was time to make the background. Always start broad and large and work towards the small details. The water was created with watercolors and inks with cling wrap. You put a wash down of the colors then crinkle the wrap on top of it. Let the paint dry then take off the wrap and you have a nice, crackly ice look.

The rocks were also done with watercolor and salt, but I used table salt to make the texture of the rocks because I wanted them to look like there were barnacles and coral.

Then after the large areas were the characters and most of that was done first with controlled fusing (putting down clear water then touching the tip of the brush with pigment to the water.) Then for fine details done with dry brush technique.

So after a few months of research, sketching, and painting; the final project was complete!

It was an honor to do this commission and it was so much fun! I hope we do business again in the future!

Nala: The Dog Commission

This was a painting I finished about a month ago.  It was a commission for a client who had lost his beloved dog, Nala.  This painting was done with love and I took time in making sure everything was right.  When I gave the painting to my client I could tell that there was a real connection between him and the painting.  It was fantastic to know that this painting went to a nice home that will be loved.  He told me that he was going to hang it above the place where she always slept.

This is the reference photo (such a beautiful fur!)  He requested that the nose be shown in the painting, so I went to a friends house to look at her husky dogs to come up with a correct nose.


These are the thumbnails I let him pick from.  The one on the left is the traditional and the one on the right is more abstract.  He picked the traditional.


This is the preprinting done in raw umber.DSCF5547

Then here’s the painting in progress, finishing the figure in the painting and leaving the sheets.  The mistake I made was that I didn’t do the sheets first in the background, but it all turned out well.1228203051_091226144736_05

This dog was loved well by the owner and the painting will be loved for just as long.  I want to thank the client for this opportunity, it let me build on top of my oil painting skills because this was the first few paintings I have done in the medium.  I hope you are enjoying this.

Sea Turtle Commish

I’m going to try to post more about my work now. All settled in and such. I recently for commissioned to do some sea turtles with northern lights so here’s a progress shot. The turtle in the bottom left took nearly an hour to do. It’s been intense lately.

On personal notes, my roommates are awesome, this college is awesome, so far everything is awesome. I got a new hair cut, my roomy got a cat (therapeutic) so that also makes me very happy, I am also not working two jobs so that’s awesome. I can come and go whenever I please which is sweet. And now I can paint whatever I want on huge canvases. Here’s the most recent painting I did last week of a lady in leather. It’s currently hanging in my dorm.


Here’s my new hair cut.


Here’s the unfinished photo of it. It’s the first acrylic I’ve done in a long time. But I’m making a time lapse video of me painting it and this will be in the “art for sale” section too as well.

So I’m having fun, have tons of more art! Keep you all updated.

LuLu the Dog

A drawing done for someone of their dog.  I did it with vine charcoal and framed it afterwards.  The dog is not named after me, it’s just weird the dog’s name is LuLu and mine is Lucy Loo.

Welcome Back, Troop!

I was recently asked to make an illustration of a troop holding an American flag saying “Jay, happy to have you back!”  He had went on a mission in Africa and had come back after four years of service.  I did ask for a photo of Jay with the print, but I still haven’t received it.  But here’s the final piece and we should all appreciate what our troops do for us.

Done in colored pencil, Sharpie, and Photoshop Elements 6. Albergo Allegria

This is a t-shirt design, just for the front, for the Albergo Allegria which is Italian for “Inn of Happiness.”  It’s located up in the Catskills in New York state, so I wanted to incorporate a stylized silhouette of it.  I got the logo in, but slightly modified.  I was mostly inspired by the woodwork whimsey of the Inn and the floral design on the curtains.

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