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Original Art for Sale

Commissions Price List:
Oils/Acrylics: 8″x10″=$275 11″x14″=$375 16″x20″=$525
Watercolor/Inks: 4″x6″=$75 8″x10″=$125 11″x14″=$150 18″x24″=$275
Digital art: 4″x6″=$30 8″x10″=$50 11″x17″=$75
Lineart: 4″x6″=$45 8″x10″=$55 11″x14″=$75 18″x24″=$150
If you want it framed by me, it is an additional $25. Shipping costs will be discussed individually because shipping is based on the size of the painting. Please email me with any further questions!

Light Bulb Squid Original Art:: SOLD!!!

prints of this are available on my Etsy shop!!!  Link is on the banner.  This sold at Carol’s Art Bar and Cafe in Oswego, New York on the First Friday Art Walk.


Done in charcoal, ink, and colored pencils.  It’s an 11″x14″ drawing in a 16″x20″ frame.  This is a quid with the head of a light bulb from a fake candle.



Exploding Kiwis Original Art

Buy it  now!

Exploding Kiwis Oil Painting for sale!  A fun little piece for your household.  It’s 11″x14″ on canvas.  I can frame it if you wish for no extra charge but the edges are painted and ready to hang!

If you want to know the history, this is an image from the 1972 “Batman: the Brave and the Bold” series featuring Black Canary.  Instead of the Penguin running away from an explosion I did kiwis.

300.00 USD



Put it in your calendar kids!

*March 1st through March 8th*

If you put your down payment on a commission now and make your last payment within that week, you will get 20% off your total purchase!  I will frame and ship it to you for no extra charge.  I know what you’re thinking right, “Like, woah!  Are you loosing your mind, Lucy?  I didn’t think you’d ever have a sale!”

Well don’t worry, it gets better~!

Buy one of my originals and you get a whole 25% off!
You must be crapping your pants right now, am I right?  I am right, I knew it.

Please contact me at, send me a quick note on here, or go to my WordPress for more details.

Also, we can always make deals *wink wink cough cough nudge nudge*

PS: I am at the point where I will draw anything, including anime if you really want it to look like anime.  And
who says you can’t buy love?  I will make your anime piece WITH LOVE!

Polychromatic Moose

Buy it now!

This is a part of my rainbow animal series I did with liquid acrylics.  This is the original moose that is for sale.

$100.00 USD

Blue Bell Pepper

Buy it now!

“Original Blue Bell Pepper” is a 14″ x 11″ analogous oil painting done on canvas.  I didn’t want to paint a red pepper because I’ve seen those a lot, but I’ve never seen a blue one!

$200.00 USD

Edward the Hedgehog:: SOLD!!!

This is now hanging in Carol’s Art Bar and Cafe in Oswego, NY!  Please enjoy!

I have absolutely adored little Edward for about six or seven years now.  The only thing is, he is not doing any good underneath me bed collecting dust…he needs a new home.

This is an original acrylic on 40″x30″ stretched canvas.  Bright and colorful!

Deer Antlers

Buy it now!

This lovely 24″ x 18″ on canvas is an original oil painting of a deer skull with the focal point of its antlers.  There’s just something about deer antlers that I find whimsical.

And hey, if you feel the same way and don’t want the real things on your wall; this is a nice alternative. *wink wink*

$500.00 USD

Hot Air Balloon Goldfish:: SOLD!!

Sold at Carol’s Art Bar and Cafe in Oswego, NY on the First Friday Art Walk!

Get the original watercolor painting of the “Hot Air Balloon Goldfish!”  This was for a contest I entered a while back and now I just love the painting!  But he needs a new home.  I was inspired by the area because be have a lot of hot air balloon festivals and it’s one of few events that come here every year.

It’s 20″x 16,” already framed.  Done on cold press paper.

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