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Original Art Commissions + Illustration Portfolio

Honey Bee

Done in highlighter and sharpies.  I think the stinger really makes the complete circle.

Here is the line-art too.dscf6031

“Bang Bang” Hand Gun Deadpool Fanart

Done with marker. I drew Deadpool with a few kittens and him pretending his hand as a gun.

And I was bored during work. Woo work!

Steampunk Mollosks Commission

Done in liquid acrylics, watercolor, and inks. For water texture I used watercolor with cling wrap and for the rocks I used table salt with inks.

The process was tidious, just like any other large project. The first steps were brainstorming and making sure the client is happy with the ideas. Thumbnail sketches are vital to any large or small piece of art.

Then When the thumbnail has a unanimous decision, the outline for the final project is drawn. It’s preferred to draw it out on something else then transferred over onto the final paper/canvas. Since this one was so large and I didn’t have transfer paper large enough, I drew it on the final paper.


Then once the client approved of the final outline, it was time to outline it. I wanted to use liquid acrylics for the black outline so 1) so when water hits it, it won’t fuse out or get fuzzy like when water color does, 2) so I could make it look like scene out of a comic book.

Then it was time to make the background. Always start broad and large and work towards the small details. The water was created with watercolors and inks with cling wrap. You put a wash down of the colors then crinkle the wrap on top of it. Let the paint dry then take off the wrap and you have a nice, crackly ice look.

The rocks were also done with watercolor and salt, but I used table salt to make the texture of the rocks because I wanted them to look like there were barnacles and coral.

Then after the large areas were the characters and most of that was done first with controlled fusing (putting down clear water then touching the tip of the brush with pigment to the water.) Then for fine details done with dry brush technique.

So after a few months of research, sketching, and painting; the final project was complete!

It was an honor to do this commission and it was so much fun! I hope we do business again in the future!

Woman in Crocs

his is done in pen and ink, cross-hatched.  Done with pen and nib on smooth Bristol Board.  This is 11″x17″ and will not come framed (unless if buyer wants to pay more for shipping, then I will frame it.)

I drew this during my stay in Maine.  This was one of my favorite pieces I’ve recently done.

Birdie in my Heart

I will be making this into a card, postcard, and print soon!  This is one of my most favorite pieces I’ve done recently.  I cross hatched the heart and bird on hot press watercolor paper with ink and nibs.  Then I scanned it into my computer to color it in photoshop.  It was such a fun project and I’m in love with it!

If anyone is interested, I have the original black and white for sale but haven’t decided on a price yet.

Skull Clarity

Today in Techniques in Illustration, we were doing practice cross-hatched drawings of items from observation.  I was drawing this skull and I momentarily zoned out and started thinking about everything at once.  I was worried about how I had no money, about how my dream school was a reality check and it was more like a good school with low-life administration, how I am sad that I’m 8 hours away from my boyfriend and 6 away from my family and old friends I miss dearly.  And then I heard this voice whispering to me, “Everything will be okay.  It’s all okay.”  I don’t know what voice that was, but I heard it and it convinced me that yes, everything will be okay.  I almost cried and almost smiled, but neither happened.  It was this weird crisis/non-crisi I had and I’m confused yet comforted by it.  I  feel like I have some form of emotional attachment to this piece now because of that.  But it’s really ironic because skulls usually make people think of death but this skull made me think that hey, maybe it’s right.  Maybe everything is okay.

Portrait Painting Time Lapse Video

Here’s the new video!


New Originals!

They’re fun, colorful portraits that would match any living room, dining room, or any room for that matter!  They are 6″x6″ portraits done in liquid acrylic and ink.


portrait 3.jpgportrait 5.jpgportrait 1.jpgportrait 4.jpgportrait 2.jpg


“Mr. Pillow Man”

I am still working on it!  Just started the coloring for the pages and now working on the cover.  The actual comic pages are going to be done in watercolor and the cover is going to be digitally painted in Photoshop CS.  Here’s a sneak peak!

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