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Gnats in my Head

This is a part of my therapy sketchbook and I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been feeling not being in Rochester over the summer with my significant other. It feels like gnats are always biting at me because I feel like I made the wrong decision despite the fact I don’t have the means to move out right now. I’ve also been feeling a little fuzzy and foggy lately and I felt like gnats blending in with me expressed that well.

Done in ink on multimedia paper.


Christmas Dog Commission

This was from a while ago, but I did a digital painting for a client right before Christmas. It was her son’s pupper named B. This is the first digital painting I did as a commission; printed and framed too. 

ANDROMEDA with Jellyfish

So I did the line work in felt tip, permanent marker. This was supposed to be Fanart for the Gorillaz new album coming out soon called “Humanz.” It is Noodle but I feel like it doesn’t really look like her. But it turned out good!

Then I just did some watercolor washes and splattered some white gauche on the top. I would love to do more little sketchbook paintings like this. I thought it turned out pretty well.

Rabbits and Rabbits and Rabbits

This first image is the line art done in my sketchbook. That was later on projected onto a large piece of Illustration board.

Then a light wash was put down and a basic wash for the characters of the painter. This was all done with Windsor Newton watercolor.

Some more detail was added before adding the inked outlines. Adding darker pigments and white gauche for highlights.  After that, black India ink was applied for line quality.

All characters are not mine. From left to right, Bugs Bunny, Rabbid from Rayman Raving Rabbids, Watership Down, Roger Rabbit, and Trix’s Rabbit.

Pufferfish Coming From Water

This was for a project in Illustration II with the assignment being to make a surreal feeling illustration.  I was in the mood to paint some pufferfish, so I thought the best way of painting aquatic animals was to make them appear they are floating in air verses floating in water.

First I drew a detailed sketch in which I made notes on during critique and then projected it onto larger paper.  I used cold press water color paper, 20″x16.”puffer.jpeg

After the drawing is transferred over to the project paper, a wash is applied over the entire thing and let dry to stretch the paper properly.  After that, a wash is applied only to the background to create the first layer of the sky and clouds.step1.jpg

The first layer of the fish is added on after the sky dries out.  The pufferfish in the foreground is closer to the end product where it was inked with two different colored inks and done with a quill tip nib.  The clouds need a few more layers to add definition and the water in the top left corner still needs to be refined and needs a different color to offset it from the sky background color.step3.jpg

After that, it’s a matter of adding more layers of watercolor and some line quality with the ink work. The clouds, I believe, need more refining.  But that’s for another day with less frustration.step3.jpg

“When Urine Love.”

So it was Valentine’s Day so I made a card for my boyfriend. The first thing he ever told me about himself is that he had  reverse horseshoe kidney, so I decided to incorporate that into a card. I wanted to make it punny because who doesn’t love puns? 

So I did an illustration of a kidney then did some research on horseshoe kidneys to draw the inside. The left illustration is the front of the card and the right illustration is the inside of the card. This was done on Bristol in ink with pen nibs and brush.


Crosshatched Greyhound done on bristol.  8″x10″ or something like that.  It’s my grandma’s dog.  Pen and nib, ink and brush.  The usual.

“It Takes Strange Things to Feel Normal.”

11″x14″ on smooth bristol.  Done with ink, brush, pen and nib.

This is a self portrait with the monsters that I see from time to time.  The rabbit is Westcott and the head on the bottom that is upside-down is Anderson.  I’ve always attached their image to forests for some weird reason because I’ve never seen them outside.  But anyways, I’m trying to learn more about myself and looking into my fears.  So far it’s been working out better than usual.  They are a part of me and I have to acknoledge that.

Honey Bee

Done in highlighter and sharpies.  I think the stinger really makes the complete circle.

Here is the line-art too.dscf6031

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